The place the era of Stalin's mass murders is a nearby grove. Here were found numerous items belonging to the Poles. They provide that the crime happened here. After joining the National Memorial Institute (pl. IPN ) for study, they found 21 mass graves of Poles. Repressions of Stalin met not only the Poles, because died there also citizens of Belarus and Ukraine. Between 1937-1941 in Bykowina were buried people, who had been previously held in jail in Kiev. Because of materials, which origin from Western could be indentified that are not Soviet products. Work on the fourth of the cemetaries in Katyń will be completed in the spring of 2012. Due to the different material content the graves - in some military were buried some military figures and in another graves - were buried cyvilians. The exhumations near Kiev is still lasting, so we should expect full explain the fate of these civilan victims, who died in the massacre in Katyn.

"It requires more courage to suffer than to die."
   by Napoleon Bonaparte

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