Marcin Jaworowski

Senior Constable of the Silesian Police

He was born on 27.10.1901 in Słońsk in Bydgoskie Voivodeship. Son of Jan and Marianna of the house Jaźwiec. Participator in the Greater Poland Uprising and Soviet War in 1920. Awarded a Virtuti Militari Cross and other distinctions. He was accepted to Silesian Police. on 16.06.1924. In 1927 he finished the Silesian Police School in Katowice. He was a member of the Hunting Association and a shooting section of the Police Sport Club. In the beginning he served in Powiat Katowicki on the Station in Chorzów (until 01.09.1926) and Siamianowice (until 01.06.1929) and afterwards in Powiat Lubliniecki on a station in Lisów (until 27.04.1937). From there he had been moved to the post in Kochcice, Powiat Lubliniec, where he served until the September of 1939. After the outbreak of war he was ordered to convoying police families from Silesia to Rivne. After accomodating the families on 15-17 September 1939 in a village near Rivne, he reported to the Station in Rivne as ordered. There he was arrested by the Soviet. Captive of the Ostaszków, executed in Kalinin (currently Twer) and buried in Mednoy. Added to the NKVD List no 044/2 from 22 April 1940, pos. 87 act no. 854. He left a pregnant wife Elżbieta of the house Ślimok and children: Eugenia, Danuta and Jana. The following child - a son Józef - was born in December 1939. .

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