Szymon Bojanowski


My father Szymon Bojanowski - reserve lieutenant - infantry, was born on 16.10.1902 in Klice. He was the sixth of eight children of Michał Bojanowski - member of the Legislative Parliment, and Jadwiga of the Rudowscy. My grandfather and four father's brothers were educated as farmers. Father finished Economical School in Mław and then the National High School of Tadeusz Czacki in Warsaw. He studied Chemistry on Politechnika Warszawska. He got the chemistry engineer's diploma on 26.06.1929. In 1930 he came to Silesia and started the work in coal-chemical industry. He worked in Chemical Institute Hajduki and since 1931 until the outbreak of war he was a director of Cokery Orzegów. He participated actively in the Association of Chemistry Engineers. In 1931 he married my mother Krystyna Rudowska. The saved correspondence between the parents in their engagement years and after the marriage is a rich source of information about the common life of the parents. From the correspondence we learn i.a. about their job, everyday problems and uncounted contacts with people who create the image of Silesia back in the days. Father was also a huge motorization fan. Having a ford and then chevrolet, he was a member of the Polish Moto Association and not once has he participated in car racing. Father devoted his free time to his favorite hobby - photography. The other occupation was mounting crystal radios for him and all his siblings. He also did sport: skiing, tennis. He did all this with huge passion. Called to arms on 1.10.1929 he finished a course in 7th Cadet Battalion of Infantry Reserves in Œrem on the 2nd place. He was trained and practiced: in 1932 in 22. Infantry Regiment in Siedlce, 1935 in 75 Infantry Regiment in Chorzow, 1936 in 76. Infantry Regiment in Katowice, and 1938 in Zaolzian Silesia. He advanced to the rank of Lieutenant before the outbreak of war. His last military assignment was 73. Infantry Regiment in Katowice. Before 1st of September he drove us, that is mother of my four year old brother and me (I was 2 by then) to his sister in Mzur property near Czestochowa. In the second half of September the family residing in Mzur packed all the necessary things and beginned the escape from the upcoming front, to the east. There ahead of Chelm Lubelski we met our father escaping with his regiment. When 17th of September came, having got the information about the approaching Soviet forces, we returned in panic under the protection of the occupant. It isn't know when and how was Father captured by the Soviets. He was sent to captive camp in Kozielsk from where the family got messages: a letter from 24.XI.1939 and a postcard from 14.II.1940. The information about him having been murdered in Katyn was posted in Goniec Krakowski on 20.05.1943. Exhumated from the death hole to the fraternal grave, probably the third one, he was identified under the number of 1455. He appears in the NKVD list no 022/1 9.04.1940 of people kept in Kozielsk, position 62. I was in Katyn for the first time in 1989 with a nationwide pilgrimage, there was a cross standing on a glade in the forest, at which a mass was celebrated. The consecrated mounds were unavailable. Close to a road was lying a boulder with the year of the massacre, 1941, engraved.

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