Garrison Church

By the end of the 20s chaplain of the Polish Army Father Mjr Stanisław Sinkowski beginned intensive efforts to build a soldiers' temple in Katowice. The idea was given support by the officers of the 73rd Infantry Regiment, which stationed in Katowice. Many officers of this regiment were killed in Katyn and Charkov. I.a. trasurer of the Church Building Committee cpt Mieczysław Olszewski was murdered in Charkov and buried in Piatichatki. The church was being built in 1930-1933. The ceremonial consecration was held in 1931. The garrison church is the first functioning object built by the Catholican Church in Poland. A significant success of the Federation is creating a Katyn Theotokos' Shrine in the Garrison Church dedicated to St Casimir the Prince. On 5.05.1991 the workplaces' and private persons' generosity let embed in the wall of the side altar a tablet which reads: "In memory of the captives of Stalinian camps in Kozielsk, Ostashkov and Starobielsk, murdered in spring 1940 in USSR. Eternal glory and memory to the victims of the massacre. Katyn Federation in Katowice, 1991." The tablet's design was created by a plastician artist Roman Starak, the casting by "Zabrze" Ironworks. Under the tablet there is a niche in which an urn with soil from Katyn, Charkov and Mednoy is placed. At the day of revealing and consecrating the tablet only the Katyn soil was placed in the urn. When the truth about Mednoy and Charkov was revealed the soil from these places was added. Around the table and the urn on the wall and the opposing wall the epitapth tablets of our relatives are embedded. The tablets contain: officer rank, name and surname, year of birth and death and place or camp of execution.

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