The beginnings

Katyn Family Federation in Katowice became active on 7.12.1989 with an administration meeting in a room of Catholican Intelligence Club near the Church dedicated to Apostols Peter and Paul in Katowice. The founding's initiators were: Mrs Maria Korczak, Mr Janusz Spychalsk, Mr Jerzy Żelski and Mr Andrzej Żubrowski - children of Polish officers murdered in Katyn. On 23.01.1990 the Voivodeship Court in Katowice issued a decision on registration of the federation (act sig. INS 127/89). The initial name of our federation was "Katyn Federation in Katowice". When around Poland the Katyn Families beginned to be created, on the meeting we took the name Katyn Family Federation. By the issue of the City Council of Katowice on 1.07.1991 we were given a location on Andrzej Square, near the crossing of M. Kopernika and M. Curie Skłodowskiej St, in front of the Garrison Church. In 1993-1997 the number of members reached about 550, including 98 widows. For 22 years 714 people had joined the Federation, 212 paying the collection are left, including 2 assistors.

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