• Every year in April and September are celebrated Masses. the intention of our closest murdered on the inhuman land. They are accompanied by the ceremony at the Monument to the Victims of Katyn.
  • Since 1994, we pray to celebrating the Way of the Cross, "Katyn" by Fr. Peszkowski the same intention. This is done in the fifth Friday of Lent by typing in a series of celebrations in the Garrison Church.
  • For several years, is celebrated during Lent, Stations of the Cross through the streets of Katowice. We participate in organizing the VIII Station, and the considerations leading our Chaplain - Fr Anthony Rushing.
  • Since 1990 we have participated in the Katyn Families pilgrimages to Jasna Gora in Czestochowa organized on Divine Mercy Sunday.
  • Since 1995, at the invitation of "Police Family 1939" we have participated in all the ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Police Officer located at the Regional Police Headquarters in Katowice.
        The delegation of our Association is present in September in each year is celebrated in Lubliniec-Steblowie Mass in the intention of the murdered policemen and soldiers from the local district. Organizatorkami are resident Lubliniec - members of our family: Ms. Krystyna Tkocz and Dorothy Mizgalska.
  • 3 May and 11 November in the Day of Independence Day, the members of the Associations participate in the Mass in the Cathedral of Christ the King in Katowice. During the Christmas we organize meetings for our members.
  • In our anniversary celebrations participate our youth from the XV High School of Witold Pilecki in Katowice, exposing the Honorable Company in the curch and the Guard at the Monument.
  • We take part in the celebrations organized by the association of veterans of the province, the Związek Sybiraków and Police Family 1939
  • We participate in organized pilgrimages to the Polish war cemeteries in Russia to Katyn and Mednoye, and in Ukraine to Kharkov and Bykovnia. We take part in all the pilgrimages related to our business.
  • We work closely with the Federation of Katyn Families in Warsaw, as well as the Czech Katyn Family gathers the local Polish community.

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